Christ First, America Second

votedWell, I voted.  Yesterday was our primary here in Florida so I took the opportunity to exercise this freedom and went to the designated polling station and cast my vote.  Apparently, a lot of others voted yesterday too considering how many people were talking about it on Facebook and in the media.  Just about everyone I know decided to update their Facebook status with a picture of their “I Voted” sticker or some comment about who they voted for or the impending downfall of our country because of who won.

I guess I was most surprised by the passion and excitement being shown this voting cycle.  At least in my lifetime, I’ve never seen or heard so much talk about the state of our country and how important it is to get out and vote.  People I know who are always soft-spoken had suddenly become outspoken and vibrant, vehemently arguing for their politician of choice.  I was encouraged and proud to live in a country where people are taking their freedom to vote so seriously.  But I was also a little saddened.  Saddened by the idea that many people are getting more excited about politics than they have ever been about God.

So I want today’s post to be an encouragement.  I want to challenge you all to be bold.  I want to inspire you to share your faith.  I admonish you to be a light in your community.  I encourage you to put Christ first and America second.  Are you filled with wonder at the state of our nation?  Then seek God first and watch us be blessed (Matthew 6:33).  Be proud that you voted.  Be excited about your freedoms here in America.  But remember where those freedoms come from.  They come from our God who has seen fit to bless our great nation and let us prosper for the last 240 years.

Today and every day I cast the most important vote of all.  I decide to believe and serve my God, the creator of Heaven and Earth.


6 thoughts on “Christ First, America Second

  1. ebonyandcrows

    The state of our country, I don’t think, has ever been in such turmoil. With Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, the frenzy that has been this presidential campaign, and all of the other happenings going on (coupled with the implications they can have and are having) it is enough to set me on edge when I think about it. I have to constantly remind myself that God is in control and not to take the burden of anxiety onto my own strength when I think about the future of our country. From my perspective, it just looks so dire. “As in the days of Noah..”

    1. Joe Butler

      You’re right. I hear Christians, myself included, getting very paranoid and pessimistic about the direction we’re heading and how it’s all going to turn out. I’m especially concerned considering I’m raising a daughter (9 years old) and the world she will grow up in. While I’m only one individual, all I can do is put my faith in God that he will take care of those who seek him first. He is all-powerful and perfect so he understands the plans that he has for our country far better than I would and I’m sure he will fulfill his promises to take care of his people. The road ahead may be rough, but I will follow him nevertheless.

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