Mold Me

mold me.jpgWhen I first started my junior year of high school, I signed up for an art class as one of my electives.  I had heard that the teacher Mr. Pinter was quite an eccentric fellow, but what drew me to the class were all the different art projects we would get to do.  Everything from perspective drawing to airbrushing to pottery was taught in that class and I had a blast learning all the different mediums.

One creative project was when we made full size Jack-O-Lanterns out of clay for Halloween.  I had spent several days shaping and molding that lump of clay into the most detailed, hideous pumpkin I could dream up.  When I was finished, my work was set on a shelf to dry before it was glazed and fired in the kiln.

Lo and behold, I come in to school one day to find my masterpiece deflated like a flat basketball.  I’m no famous artist so I’m unsure of what I’d done to mess it up, but I had to go back to the potter’s wheel and start over.  It took time, but eventually I came away with a slightly deformed piece of pottery that only barely resembled a Jack-O-Lantern.

Did you know that God, the Master Potter, can do the same in our lives?  Like a potter shaping clay on a potter’s wheel, he shapes us into what he wants.  And he doesn’t make mistakes like I did with my art project.  This is the creator of the universe we’re talking about here.  God formed man from the dirt of the ground (Genesis 2:7).  He can mold and shape you into any vessel he so chooses.  Let’s look at his word and see how God can mold us into perfection.

“The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord:  “Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will let you hear my words.”  So I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was working at his wheel.  And the vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the potter’s hand, and he reworked it into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to do.  Then the word of the Lord came to me:  “O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter has done? declares the Lord. Behold, like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel.”

(Jeremiah 18:1-6)

I love reading that part in the passage that teaches that the potter will rework the clay.  You see, the world around us and our sinful nature has spoiled us just as the potter’s clay becomes spoiled.  But God comes in and molds you into something new (2 Corinthians 5:17).  He works on you through his word, through his church and through your experiences to shape you into a Christ-like vessel.  He even places his Spirit in you to help with the process.

Are you prepared to be reworked?

Are you willing to let him mold you?

Are you ready to be clay in the Potter’s hands?


5 thoughts on “Mold Me

    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you. We live in a “self-help” world now. We’re a society of self-made millionaires and self-made success stories so we convince ourselves, “Who needs God?” Even if we won’t admit it, we all like to be independent and pat ourselves on the back when we accomplish something as if we were responsible for all of our success. I have grown tremendously during those times when I have handed complete control over to God. I wish I could say I do it all the time but I don’t. I’m terribly independent and selfish at times and I can look back at those times and see why I faced particular struggles. I pray that all Christians, myself included, can allow God to mold us into the likeness of his Son.

  1. Joe, I really enjoy and appreciate your posts. You really have a gift with the written word. One of the reasons( and by no means the only reason) I enjoy your blog so much is you remind me of my grown son who is probably about your age. He too is a man of God and a gifted writer but always reminds me that the words come from Him. You are an encouragement and I am sure, to those who know you, a blessing as well. Keep writing. Hugs! Jan ( aka mommermom)

    1. Joe Butler

      Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words. Ironically, im in the process of writing a post about encouragement and what a great privilege we have to encourage one another as we seek to serve the Lord. You have given me such a great boost of joy with those compliments and I’m extremely humbled that you think so highly of these posts. I pray that I can continue to serve our Lord and give Him all the glory for giving me the ability to proclaim Him boldly. And I pray that you can continue to find your sustenance in Him as well.

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