Freedom Isn’t Free


I know what you’re thinking. You’ve heard this phrase before. Freedom isn’t free.  And it’s true, it isn’t free. We think of the freedoms we’re afforded in America and we’re wise to remember the sacrifices made by many citizens over the years.  For those of us from military families, we’re easily reminded of time served in defense and service to our country. Today, America’s Independence Day, we’re especially mindful of what a great nation we live in and the hard work, dedication, and patriotic fervor that went into making it great.

But today, freedom doesn’t seem to have the same meaning it once had. When most think of freedom, they think of their God-given and Constitutional right to do as they please.  Freedom means we can vehemently voice our objections to anyone wanting to take it away.

“Freedom of speech?  Don’t dare try to stop me from saying what I want to say.”

“The right to bear arms?  That’s right, you better keep your hands off my guns.”

“Religious beliefs?  You better not tell me what I can and can’t believe in.”

There’s an arrogance surrounding our personal freedoms and most people forget that they come at a cost.  The men who drafted our Constitution did so in order to grow a strong and united nation, not so we could use that document just to get what we want. The women and men who have served in the military and died for our country made the ultimate sacrifice in order that you may enjoy your freedoms responsibly and not use them in a casual and flippant way.  The providence God has showered down upon us was because America was a godly nation, not an arrogant one.

So today, remember that your freedoms have been paid with a price.  They are continuing to be paid for.  Set aside the drinks and hamburgers and fireworks for just a moment and appreciate the blessings we’ve been given and always remember…

Freedom isn’t free.



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