Time For Your Thoughts

flag(IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO SOUND OFF)  The second presidential debate aired last night and I’m sure many across America were glued to their televisions listening to how their choice of candidate was faring in the heated conversations that ensued.  Although we still have many voters who are still undecided at this point, most have made up their mind who our next POTUS should be.  With that in mind, I would like to open up the conversation today with a question that I’m asking everyone to respond to in the comments section.  I want to hear your opinion, why are you voting for your particular candidate? As a Christian, I’m especially interested in hearing your faith-based perspective if you have one.  Since the campaigns have devolved into what the other person is not or incapable of doing, please keep your comments only to what is good about your candidate instead of discussing the other side.  I look forward to reading what you have to say!



3 thoughts on “Time For Your Thoughts

  1. Becky Hope

    I’m voting for Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson vetoed over 750 bills while he was governor. He refused to sign off on anything with earmarks attached (where the swine get fat). He has also climbed every major peak according to wikipedia. I don’t agree with his abortion or drug stances however I don’t think he’s completely in a realm above the average American.

    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you Becky. I know a lot of people are starting to lean towards Johnson. I hear even more who would like to vote for him but are worried they are “throwing away” their vote. I hope that we have one election where a third party candidate recieves so many votes that people will realize that there are other viable options than the two party system. What I don’t like in this election is how people are typically justifying their vote based on reasons why the other candidate shouldn’t be elected. I understand that train of thought but if someone finds it difficult to find the positive in their own candidate, maybe they’re not the best person to vote for.

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