Monday Motivation: God Knows You

fire-pngIsn’t it amazing that the God of the universe, the Creator of all things, knows you?  I don’t just mean knows about you but knows you personally.  An intimate, genuine friendship with his most prized creation.  Sometimes we look at God as this hard to imagine Spirit, distant and unapproachable.  He is anything but.  He is a God worth worshipping when you realize how much he loves you.

J.I. Packer, in his book Knowing God, says,

“What happens is that the almighty Creator, the Lord of hosts, the great God before whom all nations are as a drop in a bucket, comes to you and begins to talk to you through the words as truths of Holy Scripture.  Perhaps you have been acquainted with the Bible and Christian truth for many years, and it has meant little to you; but one day you wake up to the fact that God is actually speaking to you- you!- through the Biblical message.  As you listen to what God is saying, you find yourself brought very low; for God talks to you about your sin, and guilt, and weakness, and blindness, and folly, and compels you to judge yourself hopeless and helpless, and to cry out for forgiveness.

Buy this is not all.  You come to realize as you listen that God is actually opening his heart to you, making friends with you and enlisting you as a colleague.  It is a staggering thing, but it is true- the relationship in which sinful human beings know God is one in which God, so to speak, takes them onto his staff, to be henceforth his fellow workers (1 Corinthians 3:9) and personal friends.”



2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: God Knows You

    1. Joe Butler

      Much of the Bible details how much God knows us and loves us. It’s amazing really to think that the creator of everything has sought us since before we were born and continues to do so today.

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