Monday Motivation: A Prayer for Our Nation

fire-pngFor today’s post, I humbly wish to ask a favor.  Tomorrow, our country goes to the polls to vote for our next president in what some have called the most pivotal election in recent history.  While many have already cast their vote and others have already made up their minds, I request that you pray with me for the health of our nation and its people.

Our Heavenly Father,

You know full well the thoughts that are on my heart today.  You are all-powerful, all-knowing, in every place at every time and you deserve all the glory and honor and praise.  Lord, I confess this day that I and our nation have not always put you first.  I confess that we who call ourselves Christians and disciples of your son Jesus have lived lives of apathy and, more often that not, sat quietly by while your laws and commands have been spat upon by those who refuse to acknowledge your presence and goodness.  Although I have no right to petition you, I do so boldly on behalf of the beloved church of Jesus Christ and all those Christians who love you dearly.

God, I ask that tomorrow you be with our nation as we elect our next president.  I ask that through your Spirit you remind us who we serve as we cast our vote.  When I read your word God, I see examples of what has happened to nations who have turned from you.  I know that you are a just and righteous God, and while we probably deserve punishment, I humbly ask that you withhold judgment and let us come to you with broken hearts full of repentance for what our society has become.

I also pray for our next leader, whoever that may be.  I wholeheartedly believe that you can change any heart, and I ask that you convict him or her to lead in a way that honors you.  I pray that our ability to worship you will be protected by our government, but if it isn’t, give us the strength to serve you even in the face of persecution.  If there’s to come a testing of our faith, I count it all joy Lord as my brother James did that we are worthy to suffer for your name.

Finally Lord, I ask you to help us do a better job as a nation to love one another as you have first loved us.  I ask that you will help us get rid of laws that condone sin and help us show remorse for the sins we have already committed against you.  Put in us a heart of gratitude for all the blessings you have given us and grant the church your promised grace and favor.  I ask all this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.



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