Monday Motivation: Thankful Ahead of Time

fire-pngIt wouldn’t be right to let this time of year go by and not talk about the seasons of giving and thankfulness that we’re so used to celebrating this time of year.  I’m glad we have this time set aside for the holiday season for without it, I’m afraid many of us would fall into the habit of forgetting all that we have to be thankful for and forget to give as we have prospered.  I came across a quote the other day while reading Mark Batterson’s book “If”, and I think it’s an appropriate reminder of how we can show our gratitude to God.

If gratitude is thanking God for things AFTER they happen, then faith is thanking God for things BEFORE they happen.”

Such a simple statement with a truly powerful message.  It seems we have no problem this time of year showing gratitude for the many blessings God bestows upon us, but what about the rest of the year?  Our faith shows that we believe God to be who he says he is, a God of love who deeply cares for his children and wishes them to have everything they need for life and godliness.  Faith is thanking him ahead of time for the goodness and provision we know he will provide those who seek to serve him.  It’s the confidence we have in a all-knowing, powerful God who has promised to meet our needs.

Make it a point this week to grow in your faith and show God your gratitude for the things he has not yet given you.  And speaking of faith, we know that God is faithful and keeps his covenants with those who love him (Deuteronomy 7:9).




3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Thankful Ahead of Time

  1. Thank you Brother Joe for this reminder of thanking God ahead of His provisions. Indeed, this holiday is the best time of the year to do some retrospecting and having that faith to believe that God will provide all our needs in the coming year!

    1. Joe Butler

      🙂 This was a last minute idea for Monday’s post and I felt it appropriate since I was seeing a lot of entitlement issues with my students at school. It just struck me that we may not be teaching our next generation to be appreciative of what they have and to show faith to God for what he hasn’t yet provided. I know I can do a better job of growing my faith in the coming year and nurturing a heart of gratitude instead of expectation. Have a blessed day.

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