Monday Motivation: Be Thankful

fire-pngWhile perusing my Facebook feed the other day, I came across a meme that had a wonderful and poignant massage of how we take our blessings for granted.  It read,

“The Things You Take For Granted, Someone Else is Praying For.  Be Thankful.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times in my life I’ve found myself not showing gratitude for the things I have.  I don’t mean that I purposely complain about my situation.  I’m just too preoccupied to notice half the time. And I don’t even mean physical things, although they are certainly included.  I mean the really important things like my health and my beautiful family, the friendships of dear friends or my job and the means to earn a living.  It’s easy to take these blessings for granted when they are always there.  And yet, there are many people out there who would give just about anything to be in my place.  In fact, they are praying earnestly for them.

Next time you’re finding yourself complaining about your life or what you have or don’t have, remember…others are praying for what you’re complaining about.  Be thankful.



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