Monday Motivation: God is All You Need

fire-pngWhen fighting in a war, numbers matter. When running a business or making sales, numbers matter. When competing in sports, numbers matter. There are so many areas in our life where numbers matter and the numbers, or odds are not always in our favor. Just ask Gideon. His story, found in the book of Judges (chapter 7), details what it’s like to fight against the odds. And if we don’t account for God, that’s exactly what it is, a fight against the odds. But when God is on your side, you have all that you need.

“One and God make a majority.”

(Fredrick Douglas)

You see, Fredrick Douglas understood what we all should understand: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). God has already chosen to take your side. He made the first move and died for you long before you ever knew who he was.

So now the ball is in your court. Do you wish to side with God?  God is all you need!



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