Monday Motivation: Obligation or Opportunity?

fire-pngHow do you look at life and the many daily decisions you have to make?  Do you merely view them as an obligation that must be fulfilled, or do you see untapped opportunity just waiting around the corner?  How you answer that question will greatly determine your happiness both today and in the days to come.

You see, obligation carries with it a connotation of negativity. I “have to” work to make money, or I “have to”spend time with my children so they won’t misbehave, or I “have to” go to church because it’s Sunday morning and I’m expected to be there. On the other hand, opportunity is primarily positive and brimming with possibility. I get to get up today and enjoy another day that God has blessed me with. I have the chance to go to work and make a difference while earning a living. I get to enjoy the time spent with my family and they bring me great delight. I have the privilege to serve a loving God and be used for his purposes so looking forward to worshipping him is a pleasure.

“When you focus on problems, you have more problems.  When you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities.”

What will it be for you today?  Are you going to allow your mind to dwell on all the opportunities waiting right around the corner?  You’ll be surprised at how many of them there really are!


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Obligation or Opportunity?

  1. Great thoughts, my friend! I love that quote as well. I have often found myself saying “i have to go lead worship” only to be quickly corrected by someone saying “you mean you get to?”

    Thank God for the reminders. 🙂

    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you Matthew. I am actually good about realizing my opportunities most times but my problem is that I am always trying to improve upon them. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to want to improve but I sometimes don’t take the time to be content with what is already there.

      1. I understand that. Contentment is an issue I’m prideful in as well. Always looking for the next big thing. 24 years into my life and Im wishing I would have slowed down in some parts.

      2. Joe Butler

        At 40 and married with a 10 year old daughter, I have all the reasons to be happy and content with my life. Great health, great job, loving family…I’ve got it all. That’s why writing this post and many others is much more for myself and hopefully my readers get something out of it too. If you learn to slow down and appreciate it all at your age, your way ahead of the crowd.

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