God, Lend Me Your Ear

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, I’ve had this hidden and unspoken desire to talk to him.  I’ve never felt this way before about any other president elect in my lifetime, but this time is different.  I guess it was the turmoil of the campaign and election that made up my mind.  I just know that if given the chance, I would love to personally converse and pray with and for Donald Trump.

The reality is, I will probably never get that chance.  You don’t just approach the President of the United States and ask for a little of their time.  Sure, on occasion it happens, but politicians usually have ulterior motives for who they meet with.  I’m no person of influence or a high-rolling donor, so my chances of personally talking with the president are slim to none.

But that’s not the case with God.  We can talk to God because he listens.  The almighty, holy creator of the universe actually listens.  Not because you or I are important in human eyes.  It’s because we’re important in God’s eyes.  We can actually enter the presence of our great and powerful God and know that we won’t be ignored.  When the downtrodden plead for help, he listens (Matthew 5:11-12).  When the grief-stricken seek for solace, he listens (1 Peter 5:7).  When the sinner repents and pleads for mercy and forgiveness, he listens (Psalm 66:17-20).

How does that make you feel?  It makes me feel wonderful to know that God would love me enough to lend me his ear, and he does the same for anyone who’s willing to humbly call upon their God.



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