What Comes to Your Mind

Some excellent insights from a friend of mine about God’s definition of worship.  (Be sure to check out his site https://scottmccown.com/)

Driving Thought


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “WORSHIP?” There are many possibilities and through the years people shared the following answers with me:

  1. Preaching
  2. Prayer
  3. Communion (The Lord’s Supper, Eucharist)
  4. Choirs
  5. Drama / Interpretive dance
  6. Singing
  7. Praise
  8. A praise team or praise band
  9. An exciting atmosphere
  10. A solemn hour
  11. Dread
  12. Enthusiasm
  13. Lights and smoke machines
  14. Christ
  15. God
  16. The Holy Spirit
  17. Collection plates – always asking for money
  18. Noisy children (babies)
  19. Fellowship
  20. Boring

I recently read a revealing article from Mike Livingstone entitled The Heresy of Worshiptainment.  I encourage you to take time to click on the title and read that article. (Be sure to come back here and finish this one too.) He has a lot to say and his words will cause you to think.

More importantly, if we as Christians claim that God’s Word, the Bible, is our standard, we must go to…

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10 thoughts on “What Comes to Your Mind

      1. Joe Butler

        I understand why we want to tailor worship to our individual preferences. It tends to make religion in general more comfortable if we get to worship in the fashion we see fit. But the idea of making God our Master and submitting to him in all aspects of our lives means we follow his idea of worship even if it means doing something that seems foreign to us. It means doing it his way because that is the true definition of submission.

      2. That said, the forms of worship (singing, raising the hands, shouting, silence, kneeling, playing instruments etc.) were given to help us get ourselves out of the way so that we could focus more fully on God not more fully on them.

  1. I bought my very own horse farm and being a single woman, money was tight, in fact it squeaked!

    I bought horse fencing that was custom cut to order when I realized I’d ordered the wrong size.

    I was out $12,000 dollars, but instead of calling everyone I knew and asking for advice, I went into my prayer closet, my office. I shut the door, got on my knees and then praised the LORD all by myself.

    After composing myself, I called the fence company and explained that it was too short to install.

    They said, “No problem!”

    They refunded my money and that day I saw God at work!

    Next time you’re in a jam, praise and worship your way through it!

    Thanks for your blog, it really inspires me!

    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you Jill. Scott, the writer of today’s blog post, is a big inspiration for me. He was the preacher at my church many years ago and actually married my wife and I. I really respect what he has to say here about worship and our focus being on God first and foremost. It’s amazing to see God at work like you mentioned in your comment. We should give him much more praise for all the little ways he works in our lives.

    1. Joe Butler

      No problem. It was well thought out and written and I was hoping it would drive some more readers to your site because you do such an excellent job.

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