A Limitless God


My wife always jokes with me that it seems like I know a little about a lot of different things.  That may be a product of being a voracious reader or being an educator who is constantly learning new things.  Whatever the reason, in her eyes, I always seem to have the answer.

Now, of course I’m not all-knowing, but I’m at least wise enough at this point to know that my understanding and knowledge barely scratches the surface in most subjects and is only slightly better in a few others.  I can humbly admit that there are people who are far more astute writers than I am.  I know there are Bible scholars whose knowledge of God’s word would make my head spin.  We all have different arenas of wisdom and other areas where we are sorely lacking.

The same tendency for us to have limitations to our own scope of knowledge also causes us to limit God to our own simplistic human understanding.  Have you ever really asked yourself some of the questions that are naturally posed by an in-depth study of the Bible?  How is it possible that God is omnipresent, or everywhere at one time?  It seems we place limits on God with such questions by automatically assuming he’s bound to a body like we are.  Or how is it possible that God can hear and process every prayer that’s ever been uttered?  How can God know every sin I’ve ever committed and yet still forget them all when I repent?  I mean, I can’t even remember what my wife said we were having for dinner half the time.

It just goes to show that we tend to place limits on a limitless God.  Not on purpose of course, but because it’s so hard to think outside our human, rational mind.  And this may sound odd, but I’m glad it’s that way.  I’m glad that my God cannot be described using only the words we have in our languages.  I’m happy that he cannot simply be explained by some science experiment in a laboratory.  Our God is far bigger in every way than any definition or description we could give and I believe that’s just the way he wants it.  It is our faith in him that shows him our love.  It is our trust in his goodness and provision that pleases him.  It is our obedience to his will, whether we can make sense of it or not, that shows him that he has Lordship over our lives.

This isn’t about worshipping a God we could never know because he wants to be known by his children.  This isn’t about believing in some ghostly figure because we will one day see him as he is.  It’s about a God who’s not bound by our knowledge, our understanding, indeed not bound by anything at all.  He was, is, and always will be a limitless God!

“For all things are possible with God.”

(Mark 10:27)



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