Monday Motivation: We Make Time For What We Really Want


“You had to admire his commitment.  He made the decision to attend.  He would not miss it.  The weather was terrible that day- steady rain, temperatures in the forties.  He still got out in the weather.

Because of the bad weather, he did not quite make it on time.  It was difficult to get to his seat as well.  But he persevered.  His seat was not comfortable, but he neither left nor complained.  His presence vividly demonstrated his love and commitment.

He was joyous the entire time.  He enjoyed the presence of fellow believers.  His attitude, his attendance, and his enthusiasm all reflected his deep and abiding commitment.

He was at a college football game on a Saturday afternoon.

By the way, he did not attend church worship services the next day.  He was tired from the ballgame.  And there was a 40% chance of rain.”

(Thom S. Rainer)

Sound familiar?  It should because it happens to all of us and not just with worship services.  We all have the amazing tendency to make time for what we want even though we are all working with the same 24 hours in a day.  Those who have successful careers have put in the work to become educated and give it their all on the job.  Those who have successful marriages have made the important decision to work as a team and leave their self-interests at the alter.

The same can be said of our relationship with God.  We all have the time to read our Bibles more.  We all have the ability to spend more time in prayer.  We are all capable of fellowshipping with and encouraging one another as we walk with the Lord.  We simply have to decide that these things are more important than whatever else we think we need to do.

This week, make an extra effort to place God and his purposes at the beginning of your schedule and not just leave him with what little time you have left over at the end of the week.  Seek him first (Matthew 6:33) and you’ll find that you will be tremendously blessed.



4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: We Make Time For What We Really Want

  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Hi Joe! You know, I just wrote on a related topic as yours entitled “Trends In Christianity” the other day. It is so sad that many call themselves Christians and yet they spend so little time in study of God and service to Him!

    This is a great post, I’ll share it on my site…


    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you Peggy. My day could definitely include more of God. I get so distracted at work being a 3rd grade teacher that I lose focus of the important things of God sometimes. Writing this blog is helping to stay in the word more and study so that I may encourage others. And it has brought me great encouragement as well. I hope you have a blessed day and thank you for reading.

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