American Change

A great reminder that it’s not always the responsibility of others to improve our nation. It is the responsibility of every American and every Christian to work together for the health of our country.

Driving Thought

american-changeThe United States of America is changing. This is not breaking news. This change began years ago with the start of the grand experiment. Every few years we as a nation evaluate our leadership and make changes. In my half-century I can say that I have both liked and disliked these changes.

There are policies, laws, attitudes, and actions displayed in this country that I do not like. People, towns, cities, counties, and states all across this great nation do things and promote things that I find offensive and often immoral. (No, I am not going to list them.) There are times when I am so disappointed in my fellow man, my fellow countrymen, that I wish I could  . . . well that won’t happen so I will just stop even wishing. I get frustrated.

Allow me to give you an example or two.  I am frustrated and disappointed…

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