There’s Freedom in Submission

We sure do love to spout off about our rights and freedoms in this country.  It’s the whole “freedom of this,” “freedom from that,” “Don’t tread on me” mentality.  The freedoms we tend to express are usually birthed from arrogance and a sense of “me first.”  I think that’s why it’s so difficult for many Christians in the church today to fully submit to God and his Lordship over our life.  We’re used to standing up for what we feel we deserve and find it difficult to hand over control to an unseen God.

The truth is, there is amazing freedom in submission.  In fact, submission is at the root of our relationship with God.  He is not fully our Lord in the true sense of that title until we give ourselves up to him.  Now, that style of surrender can be done in a couple of ways.  Some would submit to God’s rule out of duty.  That kind of submission focuses on following rules and takes the form of a legalistic religion that so many of us are quick to criticize.  However, a submission to God that begins from faith, hope, and love is so much more pleasing in his sight.  When we hand over our life to God out of gratitude and thankfulness, we can then find real freedom (Philippians 2:1-2).

Submission to God epitomizes our dependence on him.  It’s real liberation to let go of worry and know that he’ll meet all of our needs.  It’s comforting to realize that our life is ultimately found when we lose it for Him (Matthew 16:25).  The opposite of that is an absolutely scary thought.  We can see what it looks like when we fight against and refuse to surrender to God’s will when we study the fall of Satan.  We can read about his arrogance and wickedness in Ezekiel 28:11-19 and see that a lack of humility can bring us very low very quickly.  I believe that’s why the Bible spends so much time talking about submission (1 Peter 2:13-19, 1 Peter 5:6, Ephesians 2:3-7, Ephesians 5:21).

Let us all fervently examine our lives and be honest about where we do or don’t submit to God.  He desires that we give him everything, and if we’re honest…He deserves it.



6 thoughts on “There’s Freedom in Submission

    1. Joe Butler

      The problem I have with letting God be in control is I like to handle things on my own. I can count on myself to get the job done so that sometimes I don’t pray or ask for God’s help with things. Seeking him first (Matt. 6:33) would save me from a lot of stress and anxiety. I’m getting better at this but it’s still tough at times.

  1. As Americans we may have rights but we also have responsibilities (that is taught in every 9th grade Civics class). We are living in a generation that wants its rights and is walking away from its responsibilities.
    That said if we are Christians even as Americans we live by a higher law, In God’s kingdom we don’t have rights granted by a government we have privileges granted by a loving father. We are not under law we are under grace and grace calls us to be blessed even as we sacrifice our “rights”.

    1. Joe Butler

      I love that you mentioned that we live under a higher law. After this last election, it looked like people were beginning to worship Donald Trump as some kind of savior who was going to save the world. It’s sad to watch so many people place their hope in the temporal and not in the eternal, even in the church. Submitting to God is our ultimate show of freedom.

      1. I actually had someone here tell me Trump was being raised up as the American Savior!I reminded them that the only Savior was Jesus.
        I had another person tell me they thought he would be the one to confirm a treaty with Israel to rebuild the temple and how wonderful that was. When I told them the person who would be able to do that according to the Book of Daniel was the antichrist they were shocked.

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