Freelance Christianity

freelanceTake a look at my home page of this blog and you’ll find at the top in the header a new logo for Faith and Footsteps.  As much as I’d like to take credit for this awesome artwork, I can’t.  The logo was designed by my brother Steve who is a graphic designer by trade and a pretty good one if I say so myself.  I called him one day with an idea for a logo and within 10 minutes, he had sent me three separate designs for me to choose from.  I think it took me longer to decide which one to choose than it took for Steve to design them.

Steve does have a fulltime graphic design job with a firm located in Buckhead, Georgia, but he’s also had success doing a lot of freelance work on his own.  What’s nice about his freelance projects is he can decide what jobs to take and what kind of designs he wants to do.  Even though he works closely with clients on the particulars of their idea, he’s at liberty to design how he wants.  I really envy his ability to call the shots.  For someone as creative as my brother, he gets to do what he really loves to do everyday and that’s a wonderful blessing.

While doing freelance work in business is a productive way to make a living, treating Christianity that way can be awfully counterproductive.  Some believers try to freelance their way through their religious experience.  They are unwilling to follow God, to work with other believers, or to be accountable to Christ or the church at all.  While I’ll admit that a lot of our Christian walk is a very personal experience, it’s not only about personal holiness.  The purposes of God are best achieved when believers work in a coordinated effort with one another.  We shouldn’t pull away from the church, our spiritual family, to practice our own spiritual life alone.  In order to walk in the Spirit, we must be functioning in the body (1 Corinthians 12).

I hope I’m not alone in saying this, but there’s far too many Christians today who are trying to live separate lives at church and at home.  I do understand though because our society rewards personal responsibility and enjoying our own freedoms.  But the children of God should be different from the world and one way we can do that is to admit we need one another as we work to follow Christ.  We should step away from the ideas of the “all about me” Christianity or freelance Christianity, and instead give other Christians and the church the proper respect and attention they deserve.

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7 thoughts on “Freelance Christianity

  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Hi, Joe. Another well written post with a very good point. There’s no doubt that people are “practicing” Christianity while never setting foot in a church building! Sadly, they are fooling themselves…they need to not only come to worship and praise God, but to be built up in the Spirit as well. Until that happens, they aren’t practicing the true Christian faith…


    1. Joe Butler

      It’s just sad because people sometimes complain about the state of society and why that will never completely change, the church could have such a bigger impact on the world if it was functioning the way God designed it too.

      1. Light Ministry Blog

        Amen to that, my friend. If the church worked today as the early church did in Acts, (minus the extreme persecution), this nation and the world would be so much better! Thanks for reading and commenting, Joe…

  2. Steven

    Thanks Joe! You always seem to make everyday things relevant to our Christian walk….and just to clarify so people don’t get the wrong idea, it took much longer than 10 minutes! LOL

    1. Joe Butler

      You make it seem like it’s nothing for you to do all this computer stuff. That’s why I keep you around for “tech support.” 😃

  3. A good Christian most love the other members of the entire body of Christ and must be humbly ready to be accountable to them.severed from that body one can’t do anything.

    1. Joe Butler

      You touched on the point of accountability and that is so true. We really should look out for the souls of one another and help each other to live a righteous life as we wait for the coming of Jesus. The church would have a much bigger impact on the world if we were as unified as the church in Acts.

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