Monday Motivation: Are You Ready to Trust God?

“Avoiding sin isn’t about us not getting in trouble; it’s about us trusting that the Creator knows his creation best and has designed the world to work in a certain way.  Everything outside of his creative order is a distortion, and when we follow that fractured path, we are implying we are our own gods and know better  than he does.  This isn’t primarily homosexuality, idolatry, drunkenness, greed, or right or wrong.  The issue is, are we going to trust that God knows best or that our thoughts, wills, and emotions are best?

(Jefferson Bethke- “Jesus>Religion”)

My Monday Motivation posts are all about providing positive motivation for the week ahead.  What’s your motivation for having a relationship with God?  Were you taught at a young age and just continue to do the church thing because it’s what you’ve always done?  Is there comfort and familiarity in being religious or attending church services on a weekly basis?  Do you try really hard to be a good person and follow the Bible and hope that your life is pleasing to God?

These are great questions to ask because our motivation behind why we follow God really matters.  He doesn’t want people who proclaim to love him on Sundays and then live life for themselves during the rest of the week.  He’s saddened when we talk about love and mercy in our Bible classes but go out in the world and only love those who love us first or love only ourselves.  God has created everything, even the commands he hands down to us, for our good.  Everything (outside of sin) about this world we live in is put in place to work a certain way.  When we live as if we know better than God, we are basically saying, “I don’t trust you.”

Are you ready to trust God?  Do you believe that he loves you and has your best interest at heart?  Do you know that your rebellion and sin deeply sadden him and that he just wants an intimate relationship with you, to know that he has given everything to call you his child?  For the rest of this week, really think about your motivation for calling yourself a Christian.  It’s not just a name.  It’s a life completely dedicated and surrendered to a loving and gracious God.



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