Monday Motivation: Stay Focused

My weeks are so busy.  Every day at work, my schedule is packed so full that I barely have time to think.  I suppose that’s good because it makes the workweek go by a little faster, but it also produces a tremendous amount of stress as well, and I find myself mentally exhausted come Friday.

The other bad part about such a busy schedule is finding time for God.  Even the phrase “finding time” implies that I give God my leftovers instead of my first fruits.  And work isn’t the only distraction in my life.  Just about everything in life competes against God for my attention, and more often than not, God loses out.  He ends up taking a backseat to chores, hobbies, entertainment, and family.  An entire week will go by before I realize that I was so busy with my own agenda that God was nowhere to be found.

“We all want to spend ETERNITY with God.  We just don’t want to spend TIME with him.  We stand and stare from a distance, satisfied with superficiality.  We Facebook more than we seek his face.  We text more than we study The Text.  And our eyes aren’t fixed on Jesus.  They’re fixed on our iPhones and iPads- emphasis on “i.”  Then we wonder why God feels so distant.”

(Mark Batterson- “All In”)

Maybe God feels distant, not because of anything he’s done, but because we’re too busy to include him in our life.  This week, stay focused on God, even in the midst of your busy schedule.  Maybe consider letting a few things go for a while so you can dedicate some more time to worship, Bible study, and prayer.  There’s only so much time in the day.  Make sure God is at the center of how you use it.


7 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Stay Focused

  1. Life is hectic. I have tried to stay off this computer and spend time in Bible study and at a gospel meeting we are having at church this week. We just have to give up something to give God more of our time. Good post Joe.

    1. Joe Butler

      Absolutely. We all think we have little time, but the reality is, we all have the same time and can choose to fill it with whatever we wish. After our responsibilities of taking care of family are complete (work, etc.), we usually choose to fill our time with personal tasks and hobbies. It’s not that those are bad in and of themselves, but the Bible refers to them as dead works. If we are not using our time to directly affect the world for the kingdom of God, then we are in essence “wasting our time.” The scary part is, once that time is gone, we never get it back so we must use it wisely.

  2. ephesians413

    Yes, I agree. How do you find time to write your blog so often? I find that is something that is very difficult for me to find time for.

    1. Joe Butler

      I decided a while back that I wanted to post two or three a week. I started the “Monday Motivation” series as a way to provide some inspiration for myself and others at the start of the week. As for the other posts, I carry a leather bound notebook with me to work and church, actually pretty much wherever I go, and I’m constantly writing blog titles and notes in there to write at a later time. I probably have 20 pieces of paper right now containing notes for a possible 30 or 40 posts, and I write them usually in the evening or at work some time when my students are at pe. It’s my quiet study time with God and I’m so glad I’ve added it to my schedule because it keeps me focused on Him.
      I really do appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to the posts. I recieve much encouragement from the comments. Thank you.

  3. I have to be honest, my faith has grown by leaps and bounds since I retired over three years ago. I have so much more time for devotion. It’s almost embarrassing to say this out loud. I certainly now realize how little time I set aside to spend with God while I was busy with family, work, and other outside activities. Other than church on Sundays there were times when I was not devoting much time at all. I know now that at times I had put my faith on cruise control and had ‘He come like a thief in the night’ I may or may not have been ready. I am grateful that I have more time to devote to Him and yet there are certainly days even now……..Great post!

    1. That’s great that you can you back and see where you were not giving God your all. We are all guilty of that in our lives, and it’s important for Christians to be honest about how we allow the world to distract us at times. I’ve found that keeping a schedule for writing these blog posts has helped me to stay focused on studying the Bible and spending time In personal devotion and prayer. I still allow the world to fill my thoughts far more than I should, but I pray that God will see that my heart truly does love and seek after him.

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