Grace Greater Than All Your Sin

Have you ever wondered how God could ever possibly forgive you?  How could he ever release you from the debt of your sins and guilt?  This kind of doubt is a universal problem, especially when we’re honest with ourselves and come to grips with the true disgusting nature of our mistakes.  When we face the realization that our sin has separated us from our perfect God and Creator, we should be completely humbled by that sobering truth.  It hurts, it disappoints, and most importantly, it has us questioning whether we’ll be accepted by God ever again.

I believe this is exactly what happened to the Samaritan woman at the well in John  chapter 4.  Here’s a woman, scorned and pushed away by her people for her sin of adultery.  You can imagine why she chooses to go to the well by herself during the hottest part of the day.  Wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you want to be left alone and not face the ugly stares and coarse remarks?  Like wearing a scarlet letter emblazoned across her chest, she’s well aware of how she’s viewed.  She’s heard the whispers, felt the evil stares, understood her station in life and knows that she has dug her own pit of despair and shame.

Then along comes Jesus.

Why on earth did Jesus have to travel through Samaria?  He could just as easily have gone around the area every other Jewish person avoided, but he chose to go through instead.  There’s a woman there who had an appointment with grace.

Now grace isn’t always as clean and pretty as we’d like it to be.  Sometimes it asks difficult questions and lays bare our thoughts and our sins.  Sometimes grace leaves us reeling when we’re left face to face with our mistakes.  That’s exactly what happens to this woman at the well.  Jesus exposes this woman’s sins to reveal the truth of what her life had become (John 4:16-18).  He doesn’t sugarcoat her choices in life or wish away the real sins that are keeping her away from God.  Jesus shows her how badly she needs the grace of God.

What would Jesus say to you at this moment if you were in the position of the Samaritan woman?  What accusations could be leveled against your life in regards to your lack of righteousness?  Could he say…

  • “You have an anger problem and it’s alienating you from friends and family.”
  • “Your alcohol abuse is getting out of control and it’s killing your marriage.”
  • “Your fascination with money and possessions is costing you your soul.”
  • “The pornography you secretly watch is completely destroying your view of a healthy relationship.”
  • “Your self-righteous and legalistic attitude is turning others away from me.”
  • “You are a judgmental gossip who appears clean on the outside, but is filthy on the inside.”

Sure, Jesus could raise any one of these objections or maybe many others, and there’s no way we could argue.  Like the Samaritan woman, we would simply have to hang our heads and acknowledge our own guilt.

But Jesus didn’t come to condemn this woman and he doesn’t wish to condemn us now.  He offers a grace greater than all your sins.  Like the time at the well, he reveals to us his true identity.  He is the Messiah, the Savior, the living water that we all need to survive (John 4: 10-13, 25-26).  He is the cure for your sickness, the calm amidst the storm of guilt and doubt.  Won’t you let him into your life and drink deeply from his well of love and forgiveness?



14 thoughts on “Grace Greater Than All Your Sin

    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you. Sometimes it’s easy to convince ourselves that we’re beyond the grace of Jesus. But he shows us what real love looks like when he went to that cross. Even while we were still sinners.

  1. Jesus entire ministry – in fact, everything that He or the Father ever did, they did in an effort to save us in spite of ourselves. We keep rebelling, He keeps saving. We break the Law – He becomes flesh for us and keeps it in our stead. Our unrighteousness becomes His, and His righteousness becomes ours. It is a conspiracy. A conspiracy of love.

    1. Joe Butler

      Yeah, it’s amazing how many times we try to get in our own way in regards to God’s willingness to save us. It’s hard to believe it is true, but it is. He loves us so much and wishes for us to just know and receive that.

  2. Ruth Bennett

    As you get older and look back over your life, you see every mistake and every wrong and it is hard to believe that you could ever be worthy of Jesus love and forgiveness. Thank God that His mercy is greater than our unworthiness.

    1. Joe Butler

      And that’s something we should remind ourselves of every day. Hopefully it would have an impact on how busy we should be for his kingdom.

    1. Joe Butler

      The concept of grace is a challenging one indeed! It’s so hard not to work for God’s gift, but to realize that he offers it freely out of love.

  3. Sometimes because of the sins we have comitted, we feel like we’re nothing. We become ashame and even end up doing more bad things. We think that our sins cannot be forgiven and that it doesn’t make sense asking God for forgiveness because we think that he won’t forgive us. The reason why he died on the cross is that so our sins are forgiven and i think that people sometimes take that lightly or don’t believe that it actually happenned.

    1. Joe Butler

      That’s what makes the gospel so amazing! It’s so hard for us to wrap our minds around the concept of God’s forgiveness of our sins through Jesus that we sometimes think there’s a catch or that it couldn’t possibly cover all of our sins. But it does, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can come into a better understanding of the hope and assurance we have in Christ.

  4. Amen-Amein Brother in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Joe!! God Bless you Brother in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Joe and Your Family members and Friends!!

    “GREATER is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world.”!!

    Love 💕 Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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