Here Comes the Bride

A wedding day is such a special and magical celebration, one that is filled with love and anticipation.  For the bride, it’s an especially exciting time, a day that’s been dreamt about for years.  From a young age watching Disney princess movies and playing dress up, little girls long for the day when they too will be able to wear a beautiful, flowing gown and walk down that aisle on their perfect wedding day.

A bride spends a tremendous amount of time, even a year or two before, preparing everything for the ceremony.  She wants every detail to be just so.  She desires to walk down that aisle a picture of perfection for her husband.  Hair, makeup, dress, shoes, everything must be carefully attended to.

I paint this picture of a woman’s perfect wedding ceremony to prove a point.  There is a huge amount of time and effort getting ready for that big day.  How much more should we anticipate the day that we are joined together with our bridegroom Jesus?  Even though we don’t know the exact day of his return, we should prepare for that day nonetheless.  But how do we do that?  How do we get ready for our own special wedding day?

  • Purity- There’s a reason why brides wear white on their wedding day.  It’s a clean, pure color that is meant to represent the chastity and purity that a bride brings to the relationship.  Christians also have the responsibility to present ourselves in a holy, pure way before Go.  He made the ultimate sacrifice of his Son Jesus to cleanse us of our impurity (1 John 1:9), and it’s the least we can do to live a life worthy of that sacrifice (Ephesians 4:1).
  • Knowledge- When a man and woman are dating or engaged, they go to great lengths to spend time with one another and get to know each other better.  Their relationship becomes more intimate, not from a sexual union, but from quality time spent with each other.  Likewise, time spent with God helps us learn more about him, his character, his wisdom, and his love (John 15:1-5).  God desires a deep, personal relationship with his bride, but we have to put forth the effort to grow closer in that manner.
  • Clothing- Probably the biggest decision a bride faces is her choice of wedding dress.  My male brain simply cannot comprehend why a woman would need to try on a hundred different dresses just to find the right one, but she does so because she has to look just right on her big day.  While we won’t be worrying about physical clothing at our own spiritual wedding, we still must clothe ourselves in a proper manner.  The Bible tells us that our clothing will be our righteous acts (Revelation 19:7-8), and while some will teach that our works don’t matter to God, the truth is, they are very important (James 2:14-26).  What better way to thank God for the blessings he provides than to clothe ourselves with good deeds that come from a grateful heart.

There’s a great day coming, a day when Jesus will return to bring us home with him to Heaven.  He has already gone and prepared a place for us there (John 14:2-3), and all we have to do is be ready for when he comes.  What are you doing as the bride of Christ to be ready for your big wedding day?



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