Monday Motivation: Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Promised Land

Sometimes you’ve got to feel sorry for Moses. It must have been tough for him having to listen to all of the complaints from the nation of Israel. After all God had done for his people during their rescue from Egyptian slavery (Exodus 7-12), after all of the provision God had given them during their time in the desert, they still found enough energy to complain about their situation.

In Numbers 13, spies were sent into Canaan to take a look at the land God was giving them. Sadly, they came back to report their inability to successfully take the land. They had absolutely no faith that God was able to fulfill his promises. Fear kept God’s people from entering the Promised Land and they were punished accordingly (Numbers 14:20-45). The punishment even affected the next generation. Our fear and its results is far reaching isn’t it?

God has many great blessings for us, but sometimes we miss them because of a lack of faith. What blessings have you missed out on because you didn’t act in faith? How many times have you blamed God for your circumstances but in reality, they were self-induced? God desired to bless you but he couldn’t because you didn’t trust the gift giver.

Don’t let fear keep you from your Promised Land. Don’t miss out on the wonderful treasures that are ours through our inheritance with Jesus Christ. Don’t settle for living in the wilderness like Israel, continually pouting over your lot in life. Our God is good, his promises are true, our Promised Land is waiting. All you need is the faith to reach out and take it.



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