Prayers For My Daughter (Part 1)

I love being a father.  I wear many hats in my life, but I think the role of “Daddy” is  my favorite.  Now, I will admit that I don’t have a teenager yet.  My daughter just turned 11 years old, but to be honest, I don’t think I’ll mind when she hits her teenage years either.  Part of being a parent is experiencing all the stages of childhood, and I feel so blessed to have been given the important job of raising my daughter.

Like any other Christian parent out there, I’ve quickly learned that to be a godly parent, you must be a person who prays.  God absolutely wants me and my wife to be successful as parents and he wants you to be as well.  But we must understand that God’s idea of success may be a little different from our own.  God doesn’t care as much about how much money your child makes as he does about his or her salvation.  God isn’t concerned whether your child grows up to be a sports star as much as he cares about their love, contentment, and faithfulness.

What follows is a 4 part blog series which will detail some of the things that I pray for on behalf of my daughter.  Each virtue is supported by a passage or two of Scripture showing that God really does want to bless us in our endeavor to raise godly children.  Today, we’ll start off with the first five and continue with five more each day.

  • SALVATION (Hebrews 7:25)- As a parent, the most important thing we can pray for is the salvation of our children.  There is nothing else in this life that will have a longer lasting effect than teaching our children to obey the gospel and give their lives to Christ.  Because I was baptized at age 10 and my daughter is now 11, I’m keenly aware that this decision may be made soon, so we have spent a lot of time studying the Bible and answering questions that she may have.  Most importantly, I’ve fervently prayed that God will touch Emma’s heart and help assure her that a life surrendered to him is the only way to live.
  • LOVE (Ephesians 5:1-2)- Second only to loving God with all of our heart is to love others as ourselves.  In the case of our daughter, she has such a tender heart for others and I think that is a direct result of our prayers for her on that behalf.  In a world with more and more selfishness, love for our neighbor is becoming a lost art.  Always pray that your children will imitate God and live a life of love and teach them that they should do so regardless of the circumstances or without passing judgment.
  • HONESTY AND INTEGRITY (Psalm 25:21)- One of my favorite things to tell my daughter, especially at her age, is to be prepared to do the right thing, even if you have to stand alone.  As a teacher, I see firsthand the effect that peer pressure has on our kids.  Even when it’s not necessarily bad, our children are constantly tempted to sacrifice godly integrity to maintain friendships or fit in with the crowd.  It takes a certain kind of personality to always stand up for what’s right, and your child may have a more go-with-the-flow demeanor.  That’s why, as parents, we should pray that our children look to God for their standard and will boldly live a godly lifestyle not matter what the world throws at them.
  • COURAGE (Deuteronomy 31:6)- Coinciding with the previous virtue is the idea of courage.  I pray that my daughter will always feel the presence of God with her and know that in all situations, he is there and is helping her do the right thing.  So many children today suffer depression or anxiety, and while there are many reasons for those issues to occur, the knowledge that God will never leave us always brings great assurance.  Pray that God will bless your children with the courage necessary to face any kind of trial that may come their way.
  • CONTENTMENT (Philippians 4:12-13)- Let’s just put this out on the table.  I’m not a millionaire.  There’s no doubt that my family and I are very blessed, but we live a relatively simple life surrounded by friends, family, and God.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  In the materialistic society that we live in, it’s vital that we teach our children that God wishes for us to be content.  We must also pray to that end, because we are bombarded daily with the message that we need more.  Contentment is found when we learn that God truly has given us everything we need and more, and this is an attribute that we should instill in our children as well.  Example really sets the tone here.  If we, as parents, live a life of contentment, our children are much more likely to follow suit.

I hope this series of posts help to encourage you to be a better parent and one who actively prays for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of your children.  Come back next time as we examine 5 more prayers that we should offer up to God for our children.

-Joe Butler

5 thoughts on “Prayers For My Daughter (Part 1)

  1. Janet Butler

    Thank you for this blog today. As your parents and Emma’s grandma and granddad, we couldn’t be more proud and thankful and blessed. God is Good ALL the time.

    Love you all more than words can express!
    Mom and Dad. (Grandma and granddad)

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. ephesians413

    Absolutely. If more parents were to pray for their children as you have described and live as modern disciples of Christ, we wouldn’t have the problems that we do. Let’s pray for other people’s children too.

    1. Joe Butler

      Like the post said, a godly parent must be one who prays. I was able to narrow down the list of prayers to 20 and will include them over 4 posts, but there are really countless opportunities for us to pray on behalf of our children. I’m glad you also mentioned praying for the children of others as well. As an educator, I have many of my students in my prayers because they go through so many struggles at such a young age.

      Thank you again for reading and commenting.

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