Filling the Gap

I drafted this post while sitting in the student services center on the campus of my town’s local college.  No, I’m not planning on going back to school any time soon, but I am here relaxing and reading while I wait for my daughter to get out of her activities for summer camp.

I remember vividly my years spent in college, shuffling back and forth between classrooms, the library, and the computer lab.  I also worked fulltime while taking a full load of classes each semester so, needless to say, it was a busy and stressful period in my life.  But I really enjoyed my time spent in there.  The goal was to get better.  There was the me at the moment and then there was the me that I wanted to become.  Going to school and getting a degree was not only going to open up a larger job market for me, but also hopefully provide me with a more well-rounded background and education.

And that’s the goal in my Christian walk as well.  There’s the me that I am now and the me that God wants me to be.  In truth, all Christians are in this lifelong endeavor of becoming more like Christ.  Now we can try to close that gap by working hard through our own way and our own will.  We can force ourselves to pray more and serve more and work harder in hopes that one day our behavior will reflect that of Jesus.  And those activities undoubtedly help us grow.

The gap really closes though when we realize that to become more like Christ means letting him have complete control over our life.  Only through a full state of submission can we become a new creation and reach our full potential in Christ.  The goal should always be to allow God to show us what it means to love like him, forgive like him…to effectively be a reflection of him.

Just remember, wherever you are right now is not the end result of where God wants you to be.  There’s always room to grow, to learn from your mistakes and become the person God created you to be.

-Joe Butler

6 thoughts on “Filling the Gap

  1. There is always a reason, I believe that, wherever I may be, I was meant to be there. God has His plans, and I will trust Him. Great post.

    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you. 🙂

    1. Joe Butler

      Absolutely. We sometimes underestimate the times when God uses our circumstances to affect real spiritual growth in our lives. He always wants the best for his children and we have to trust that throughout the entirety of our lives,even through the trials, he is seeking for us to grow more like Christ.

  2. This is the lesson God is teaching me this year. A friend asked “What makes you lose control?” I wasn’t sure how to answer as I really wasn’t sure what he meant… what makes me angry? What makes me act irresponsibly? It ended up being a challenge from God let go and give Him complete control over my life.
    It takes a lot of prayer and trust. It is dying daily to myself and my desires.

    1. Joe Butler

      Great point. God is always using our circumstances and people in our lives to help mold us into the image of his Son. The difficult part is having our lives and our minds clear enough of worldly clutter that we actually listen. Like you said, trust is the key, and until we trust God, we won’t be fully submitted to him in a way that causes real growth.
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read the post and comment. I really do appreciate the feedback.

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